We, the Board of the San Diego Parks Foundation, add our voice to the growing chorus of those demanding transformative change and the eradication of systemic injustice and inequality of rights and opportunities in our country. We stand up against the continued deep injustices that have been laid bare for all to see by both the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting unemployment crisis among communities of color, and the shocking acts of police and other violence against black citizens. We know that the execution of our mission will support much needed fundamental change in our communities.

The San Diego Parks Foundation is young.  The Foundation was formed expressly for the purpose of connecting all San Diegans to high-quality parks and to support the City of San Diego’s mission to build a world-class inclusive park system that strengthens communities and provides equitable access to recreational opportunities. Our Board is comprised of members from various diverse communities of San Diego and reflects that diversity in its leadership and mission.

In our early days as an organization, City park personnel took Board members on a tour of a few neighborhood parks and recreation centers. We Board members were deeply impacted by what we saw:  the stark differences in quantity and quality of parks and recreation centers depending on the zip code in which they were located, differences that reflect systemic racial and economic inequities.  We know that report after report has shown that many low-income, ethnically diverse communities have limited or no access to open spaces, parks or recreation centers and have further shown the detrimental impact that this lack of access has on the physical and mental health of these communities. We formed the Foundation expressly for the purpose of helping change this unequal access in our City.

We are committed to working to ensure inclusive and equitable access to the parks and recreation facilities and services in our beautiful City.  We believe that what the Foundation strives to do will be one part of a much bigger whole that will bring about the transformative change that must happen in our society right now.  We will pursue racial equity and justice in everything we do.

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