December 8, 2021

The San Diego Parks Foundation, in collaboration with the City of San Diego Parks & Recreation Department and with support through theSDG&E Environmental Champions Initiative, planted its 150th tree this fall. That mean we are well on our way to reach its goal to plant 300 trees by the end of next year. The milestone tree will take root at a park in the San Diego community of Southcrest, where it will help grow the urban canopy and provide beautiful shade and play spaces for local residents.

The foundation started its tree planting initiative in 2020, recognizing that budget pressures made it hard for the City of San Diego to plant trees as well as install the necessary irrigation to ensure tree survival. Trees are an excellent and beautiful way to reduce pollutant runoff and mitigate the harmful impacts of climate change. Additionally, trees are frequently requested by residents to increase green space in the community and beautify urban landscapes.

SDG&E is supporting the foundation’s work through its signature Environmental Champions initiative, which for the past ten years has provided funding to local nonprofit organizations working to improve the environment in San Diego and southern Orange County. This urban greening project is one example of how SDG&E supports efforts to build climate resilient communities and improve social equity. Science demonstrates that trees improve both air and water quality, temper heat and reduce energy usage through their shade canopy. What’s more they create beautiful and functional green spaces for the community.