Trail:  Tecolote Canyon

Distance:  1.5 mile loop

Difficulty:  Easy 

Other:  Interpretive hike in Tecolote Canyon along the 1.5 mile loop trail known as the Battle Trail. Hikers are encouraged who want to hike further to extend their hike beyond the Battle Trail. 

 The theme showcases the City Parks Departments 6 years of restoration efforts using signs to explain why we are restoring the area and why each area looks the way it does.  

Signage on the trail shows:

Historical background on Tecolote Canyon uses and why it was preserved. The map shows the trail route in purple and each years’ restoration in a different colored polygon  

Plants that Park Rangers get regular questions 

And finally, signage will also be present for the yet to be restored areas 

Green Friday Tecolote Canyon


San Diego, CA 92111