The Climate Action Plan (CAP) calls for an increase in the City of San Diego’s canopy cover to a total of 35% by 2035. Right now, in our City’s parks, we are averaging about 23% so it is critical we plant trees now so they can grow and achieve a large canopy by the year 2035. 

What We’re Doing

Phase 1 WIFI Project Progress

SDPF wants to add 327 trees to nine parks in the City, with the primary goal to ensure a safe, inviting, and sustainable urban forest within these parks and align with the City’s Climate Action Plan. 

Specific objectives: 

- Ensure proper species selection, high-quality nursery stock acquisition, and industry consensus planting procedures.
- Promote species diversity and proper age structure in the tree population.
- Promote tree health and safety by utilizing best management practices when maintaining tree inventory.
- Ensure trees are reasonably replaced when there is mortality due to weather, pest infestations, injury, or construction displacement.

All of the nine parks are located in communities where a high percentage of citizens are considered low income. While research has shown that green spaces reduce crime in urban settings, it may be that trees are the most effective. In a recent study, researchers looked at crime data for the city of Chicago and found that for every 10% increase in tree canopy cover, crime rates went down in several categories. Research also demonstrates that trees helps to decrease stress, rumination, and anxiety, another benefit for the residents who play, learn, and socialize in these nine parks.

- Bay Terrace ✔ completed
- Willie Henderson ✔ completed
- Southcrest ✔ completed
- Sanburg
- Mountain View ✔ completed
- Kelly Street
- Maddox
- Mesa Verde
- Montclair

Interactive Tree Plotter Map

Check out the trees we've planted so far through in this interactive Tree Plotter map!

We are also using this interactive map in an innovative way to inventory the City’s park benches, tables, and other assets, so we can restart the memorial plaque program - stay tuned!

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