The current Youth Recreational Council in District 42 of the City of San Diego’s Parks & Recreation Department serves 15 - 18-year-olds. District 42 is comprised of nine recreation centers:

South Bay:

- Silver Wing
- Montgomery-Waller
- South Bay (Robert Egger)
- Cesar Solis

San Ysidro:

- San Ysidro Community 
- César Chávez

Southeast San Diego:

- Paradise Hills
- Skyline Hills

What We’re Doing

Phase 1 WIFI Project Progress

The Park Ambassadors will teach kids to:

- Learn how to be good stewards of their parks and communities beyond the program, impacting the welfare of their parks and community and its citizens.
- Make healthier life choices by engaging with their parks through activities and volunteerism; and understand why these choices matter.
- Know the right steps to take if they are interested in a job in the parks sector; some Ambassadors may secure an internship and/or a job with the Parks & Rec Department; there are multiple jobs available in this department.
- Discover the importance of giving back to one’s community through volunteerism; they will fulfill community service requirements for advanced education.
- Acquire leadership and project skills that help in all areas of their life.
- Gain networking and social skills that provide confidence for their future.

Monthly Ambassador meeting topics including 30 minutes in healthy outdoor activities are: 

- Parks components overall (recycling, trash, graffiti abatement, activities, maintenance, composting, horticulture/landscaping, irrigation) and risk management, facilities management, pool maintenance/aquatics programming, brush/fire maintenance, community gardens, program management for recreation centers, volunteer programs and coordination, and safety and training. 
- Parks systems, including the differences between the shore parks and the open space divisions, the trails and canyons, aquatics and therapeutics, and the golf division; the difference between a regional park (i.e., Balboa Park) and a neighborhood park; the responsibilities of being a ranger; about leadership roles in the Parks & Rec Department, including City Council, Recreation Advisory Groups, and other volunteer civic groups.
- Parks jobs and how to pursue various roles, human resources for San Diego Parks, internships, how to write a resume and interview for a job in the field, possible pathways and the skills and education needed for specific roles. Ambassadors will participate in one San Diego Job Fair per year.   

All activities to weave in teamwork, collaboration, networking ethics, anti-bullying and respectful behaviors.

- Participation in at least five community service projects annually. These are selected by Ambassadors and could be accomplished alone or with other Ambassadors.
- Each Ambassador must participate in Homework Club each month. Parks staff provides homework assistance in a safe, quiet and supervised area for students to complete their homework before they play or go to sports practice or to a Park Ambassador meeting. 

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