The old San Ysidro Library is located within the San Ysidro Community Park. The now vacant historic building is situated in the heart of San Ysidro with easy access to public transportation. Although the Parks and Recreation Department currently operates a Teen Center at the Cesar Chavez Community Center, there is only one multi-purpose room in the facility so there is no dedicated space for teen programming. The vacant facility provides an opportunity to create dedicated spaces for teens in the afternoons, while also preserving a portion of the building that would remain as open space for adapted, multi-generational and older adult programs offered during mornings and weekends. The building would also be available for rental by the community for family gatherings and parties. The site will also increase recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities who live in the community, as well as individuals who rely on public transit.

The front of the facility, which is the historic building, will be the primary Teen Center. It will include: air hockey, billiards, foosball and ping pong tables, a karaoke machine, flat screen TV, video gaming unit, movies, and couches. The back of the building will remain as an open and multi-purpose space where Therapeutic Recreation and AgeWell Services will offer a variety of programs and classes. 

The Department will kick off occupation of the old San Ysidro library by engaging the community with an interest survey, as well as a competition to rename the facility.

Long Term Improvement and Operational Plans include: 

The Community Parks II Division has 13 Teen Centers; however, none of them have a multi-media center component for teens to create music and digital media. Multimedia and recording equipment are routinely offered in Recreation Centers throughout the US, and to provide these resources would help the Department to expand arts and digital media programming in San Ysidro. This will directly impact issues of social equity and the perception that recreation programming in the south is not equivalent with more affluent areas in the City. The Parks and Recreation Department will also work with the Department of IT to establish a computer cluster and access to WiFi so that teens can complete homework assignments. This expansion in technology will also allow the Parks and Recreation Department to partner with the San Ysidro School District and other academic institutions to provide tutoring and STEM programming. 

What We’re Doing

Phase 1 WIFI Project Progress

The SDPF is raising $150,000 to accomplish these crucial goals for the San Ysidro community.

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