SRC was built in 1975 and has been a long-standing feature as a community meeting spot since constructed. The center is heavily used for programs, special events, rentals and open play activities. The gym is the heart of the community for events. Generations of patrons have played their first basketball games, attended Breakfast with Santa events, sports banquets, dances and many other events in this gym.The Southcrest Teen Center is a converted senior center, and former Weed and Seed headquarters that transitioned into a teen center in 1998. The interior has generally remained the same for the past 20 years. Who Uses the Facilities: In 2018 there were approximately 3,000 participants enjoying youth basketball games, over 7,000 participants for open play activities and programs and over 2,000 participants for seasonal special events. The Teen Center has participated in the Teen Nite Program for over a decade, a program designed to provide a positive, interactive and safe zone for teens in the summer months on Friday nights. In addition, the Center is open M-F for teens to hangout, complete homework, play games, crafts, and participate in sports programs. In 2018, the Teen Center had a yearly attendance of 3,395.

What We’re Doing

Phase 1 WIFI Project Progress

The Rec Center gym floor has not been serviced since 2015 and needs a floor resurfacing that could enhance the viability, décor, and increase productivity of programs. We’ll be funding the floor resurfacing includes sanding the entire gym floor to the bare wood, restriping all court lines, logos and application of special polyurethane to the entire floor.

The current scoreboard in the gym at SRC does not work properly, often losing power, stops keeping time and score, or will not turn on at all. The clock is over 20-years old, and many parts are no longer available. Staff in recent years have taken a step back in time and uses the old flip scoreboards for all activities. A functioning scoreboard is essential for athletic programs for youth and adult athletics and a source of pride for the community when other parks and cities come to play in the gym. We’ll be funding the removing of the old scoreboard and installing a new LED wireless scoreboard for basketball, volleyball & futsal.

The interior of the Teen Center has generally remained the same for the past 20-years. Enhancements and additions have included table games, video consoles, posters, furniture and craft supplies geared toward the teen population. We’ll be purchasing interior paint, window coverings, and installing through the help of volunteers and funding the removal and installation of new indoor/outdoor carpet throughout the 800 SF Teen Center.

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