Vicki Granowitz, is a citizen volunteer who currently serves on the City of San Diego’s Planning Commission, the Balboa Park Committee and the San Diego Parks Foundation. She personifies all that is right about staying intentionally involved with issues and plans that not only impact current residents, but also future generations on both a Citywide and community level. She has never shirked from encouraging or leading discussions of positions that may be controversial, more often than not bringing diverse groups to consensus. For over twenty five years she has participated on Boards and Committees in the areas of planning, historic preservation, parks and open space, law enforcement, homelessness and affordable housing issues among others. Vicki is a retired psychotherapist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and a Masters of Social Work.

Why I Joined SDPF

I have spent the last 25 years advocating for the City of San Diego's parks and open spaces, as well as the recreational opportunities they provide. As the density of our communities increase, more residents do not have yards for children to play in. Communal spaces provide the breathing room for our urban environment and amenities such as these have become even more essential for the physical and mental health of our citizens. Yet the condition of our parks and open spaces as well as programing opportunities have not kept up. I joined the San Diego Parks Foundation in the hope that we can remedy some of these deficiencies as well as create a more equitable parks system for everyone.